Tuesday, July 19, 2005

.... from Canada...

Anonymous said...
To say that te closure of Ballet Gulbenkian is a huge dissapointment is the understatement of the century.
A cultural institution, an iconic dance company, the company that most dancers and choreographers can only dream about- what a loss for the dance community and for the world. As a member of the most underappreciated artform in Canada, I must admit that yet another company closure is (unfortunately) not surprising anymore. But for the culturally rich country of Portugal to make such a decision is mind-blowing. Is globalization killing yet another country's cultural integrity?
Because that is what it is-integrity- a respect for your country's identity, heritage and innovative spirit. Dance is the most accessible artform to promote a country's identity to the rest of the world. Dancers represent a nation's most effective cultural ambassadors.
Portugal might as well stop producing and exporting wine...!
With my heartfelt wishes to the dancers who, once again must bear the brunt of a heartless bureaucracy's decisions- keep on pushing. The dancers of the world are with in your struggle.
Neelanthi Vadivel
Montreal, Canada


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